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Discount Embroidered Scrubs for your Office!

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To get embroidery pricing or to discuss your requirement, please Contact Us for an Embroidered Scrub Quote.

We are the place medical and dental offices go to for their embroidered uniforms.  Let us help you with your embroidered scrubs and  medical uniforms.

We currently do not offer embroidery services for individual orders of just a few garments.

NW Scrubs has access to all of the top brand medical uniforms at the lowest possible prices.  That makes us your best choice for embroidered scrubs.  We can embroider your company logo on any brand of uniform you choose.  Orders of 20 pcs and up are available at excellent prices, and once we have taken your order once, re-ordering is simple.

We frequently use Cherokee Workwear Scrubs for embroidery because they have the largest selection of colors, sizes and styles in the country.  They are also very affordable and high quality.  A one-pocket top starts at $10.95 and comes in over 30 colors.  To have your company logo embroidered is also inexpensive, usually costing between $3.00 and $5.00 per shirt.  The price depends on the number of stitches it takes to complete your logo.  We can give you the exact cost if you email us the logo you want embroidered on our scrubs, along with the shirt style and quantity.  We can offer substantial discounts for orders starting at 50 pcs and up.

Our Products and Services include:

  • Embroidered Scrub Tops with your Logo
  • Branded or Non-branded Scrubs for Embroidery
  • Screen Printed Uniforms: Less Expensive at large volumes
  • We will digitize your logo and prepare it for embroidery onto scrubs.
  • Printed Scrub Tops per your design (requires high volumes)

There are many REASONS TO EMBROIDER your logo on scrubs!

Every office wants a professional look.  With medical uniforms, the best way to achieve this is to have your scrubs embroidered.  Customers can pick up on the organized look and feel that embroidered uniforms bring to an office.  They will translate this to their impression of your business as a whole, and are likely to percieve your practice as more organized and effective than an office where each employee dresses as they like.  When you are investing in having your logo embroidered on to uniforms, you want to make sure that the garments will last and stay looking great.  If the tops fall apart after a few washes you are out the money for the shirts AND the money for your embroidery.  That is why we only use quality name brand scrubs such as Cherokee, Dickies, Grey's Anatomy, Peaches and Barco.  Most promotional companies cannot get accounts with these manufacturers, so they will either us an inferior product, or have to pay more to get them from someone like us.  Because we are already a large national distributor for all of these brands, we can help you get them customized and still keep your prices very low.

If you are a large company needing a large quantity of Embroidered Scrubs an ongoing campaign, we can help!

NW Scrubs can use our manufacturing and embroidery resources in mexico or asia to meet the most competitive wholesale scrub prices. We can help you partner with the largest uniform manufacturers in the world such as Cherokee Uniforms to create a custom printed scrub top to your specifications, or can use our reduced cost sewing facilities in Mexico to save you money on your high volume promotional scrub embroidery.